Simply put, we love books. Brilliant Press publishes exceptional monographs and collections of fine art photography. Powerful images by accomplished photographers are matched with Brilliant’s penchant for excellence in printmaking and reproduction, resulting in books of the finest quality.

Scenes from a Childhood

Michael Massaia

Scenes from a Childhood, the debut book by photographer Michael Massaia, is a collection of images revealing symbols of childhood joy and adventure through the nostalgic longing of adulthood. Massaia’s captivatingly beautiful photographs are whimsical while edifying subjects that are disappearing, some quite literally, from childhood today. Scene’s from a Childhood provides readers an intimate journey through Massaia’s acclaimed photographic series Afterlife, Quiet Now, Saudade and Transmogrify.

Piercing the Darkness

Susan S. Bank

Susan S. Bank peels away the veneer from Havana, that maddening, mythical metropolis with one eye on the Florida Straits. An imaginary tropical urban paradise, Havana is flirtatious and consistently inconsistent. Bypassing worn out clichés, Bank illuminates the invisible with her iconic, metaphorical black and white photographs.

Seldom Seen

George Tice

We now see images that were locked away in Tice’s files—some for more than forty years—come to life. None of these one hundred exquisite photographs have been published in any of Tice’s previous books. There is much to savor in this collection, from the Great Falls of the Passaic River in Paterson, to Tice’s memento mori of the now vanished twin towers of the World Trade Center, to how America honors Lincoln, her greatest president, to Winslow Farm in Fairmount, Indiana where Tice’s idol, the actor James Dean, was raised. Times have changed, decades have passed, but Tice’s vision remains consistent, understated and masterful.

‘Car For Sale’ Poster

George Tice